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    ACOUSTICS: Designed by Kirkegaard and Associates, the room acoustics utilize curved wood throughout. The live acoustics are tuneable via five motorized velour drapes hidden behind wooden slats.

    THE STAGE: proscenium arch measuring 36’wide by 21’high. There is 40’ of stage depth from the edge of the apron to the cyc. The stage right wing is 13’ wide by 46' deep but the height is restricted by a balcony to 9’and the stage left wing is 15’ wide by 46' deep. The performance shell towers are permanently stored upstage except when in use, but there is a crossover 4’ wide between the shells and the cyc.

    STAGE FLOOR: 3.5' above the main floor. There are permanent stairs to both sides leading from the stage to the auditorium through the side hallways and available rehearsal stairs into the seating area. The stage right side is handicap accessible from the house. A Harlequin Cascade dance floor is available in four sections to cover a space 24’ deep and 36’ wide.

    ORCHESTRA PIT: The orchestra pit is integral to the stage and measures 9’ by 30’ with a Spiralift fixed speed lift mechanism. At -8’, the pit area is larger than the lift. There is a safety railing that surrounds the pit at auditorium level, (there is no direct access at auditorium level). The pit is wheelchair accessible.

    FLY SYSTEM: We use a combination of single purchase counterweight lines, hand winch lines and motorized winch lines for 4 electrics and the shell ceiling. Because of limited loft space and the shell ceiling storage, the operating height is 16’ from the deck to the bottom of the borders.

    HOUSE SOFT GOODS: 3 pairs of black velour legs and 4 black velour borders, a blue velour Main Curtain, black velour midstage and rear travelers, and a white filled scrim used as a cyc. Upstage of the arch, the playing area is 30’ wide.

    ACCESS TO STAGE: The stage is easily accessed from the Ceramics and Crafts Lab via double doors approximately center upstage and via single doors to the hall and the house on the Stage Right Side.

    LOADING DOCK: Located on the south side of the building. The dock is at standard truck height, but the double door entrance is +6”. There is a pass-through for 240V electric power and camera and audio cables for a cable TV truck.

    LIGHTING: Controlled by an ETC GIO console as well as a programmable architectural system, there are 200 2.4kw dimmers (1 circuit per dimmer) in ETC Sensor and EDI racks running the DMX-512 protocol, which is separately available everywhere there are electrics. Circuits and DMX- out stations are located throughout the auditorium and stage. Houselights are controlled from the board, Stage Manager's position backstage, or from several programmable entrance stations.
    There are 4 electrics onstage, one over the apron and two front of house positions, accessible by a catwalk system. A pipe grid on each side of the apron contains muti-plug circuits. Lighting equipment consists mainly of Source Four SPOTS. Source Four Deep Blue Pars and four High End SolaFrame 1000. Four ETC Selador Vivid-R LED fixtures, two Technobeams and a variety of specialty instruments, strobe and fog machines compliment the inventory. Two Altman Satellite HMI spotlights are available as are two Midget spotlights used for side lighting.

    CONTROL BOOTH: There are two enclosed spotlight booths located left and right in the balcony, with an enclosed lighting and stage manager position with video and intercom as well as an open sound booth between the spot booths. The control stations are easily accessible from the balcony, via a spiral staircase adjacent to the house and from the second floor of the school.

    SOUND REINFORCEMENT: There is an installed three channel (left, center, and right) main speaker system above the proscenium. The Yamaha LS-9 mixing console is normally located in the sound booth 75’ from the stage. The booth is opened to the stage. A variety of microphones, playback decks, and signal processors as well as a monitor system are also available, including wireless lavaliere and hand held mics.

    VIDEO MONITORING: An infrared video system monitors the stage and is available in the Theatre, as well as a color stage monitor.

    VIDEO PROJECTION: A 4000 lumen projector is available to project onto a 10’ Deluxe motorised video projection screen or a 5000 lumen projector can be projected onto a 16' wide screen. Video input from our patch bay (including our telecom department), as well as component video from the sound booth, hdmi from the sound booth computer and vga from downstage right can feed either of the projectors.

    DRESSING ROOMS: Located in the basement and accessible from the stage area. All are handicapped accessible and equipped. There are 15 lighted mirror stations and two dressing rooms plus a toilet, with additional toilet facilities nearby.

    HEADSET STATIONS: Headset stations are located throughout the facility. The auditorium uses a four-channel Clear Com system. There are also an HME wireless intercom system, which interfaces with the Clear Com system. Also available are a program monitor and paging system wired throughout the facility.

    For more information on reserving or rentals contact Mary Mercer at mmercer@lfschools.net

    For technical specifications contact Mary Toledano at mtoledano@lfschools.net